Advert No. 14. Land at Tal-Mistra, Limits of Mellieha, Mellieha

Land at Tal-Mistra, Limits of Mellieha, Mellieha


Advert 14.

Lease tale quale, on a year to year basis, for agricultural purposes, of  a  site at Land at Tal-Mistra, Limits of Mellieha, Mellieha, shown edged in red on plan P.D.2019_0756_1.

The bidders must be either full-time or part-time farmers, who have to submit a certificate, issued by the Department of Agriculture with the tender document or students who  have  completed  successfully  an academic course relating to agriculture within the previous five years prior to the introduction of Legal Notice No. 573.06 who have to submit a copy of the relevant certificate also with the tender documents.

Tenders are to be accompanied by a Bid-Bond for an amount of €3,996 as stipulated in the tender conditions. Offers below the amount of one thousand and three hundred and thirty-two Euro (€1,332) per annum will not be considered.

This tender may be subject to the right known as the right of first refusal as per article No. 32 of Chapter No. 573 of the Laws of Malta.

A fee of €50 will be charged for the tender document.


Land at Tal-Mistra, Limits of Mellieha, Mellieha




Forms of tenders and any further information regarding the conditions of the contract may only be obtained by clicking on ‘Buy Tender’ on this web page, for the fee of fifty Euros (€50). Sealed tenders in respect of the following advertisements have to be deposited in the Tender Box at the Lands Authority, Auberge de Baviere, Valletta (See Map) by the closing date and time indicated in the details section.


Tender Details

  • Status
  • Opening Date
    17 March, 2023
  • Closing Date
    6 April, 2023
  • Advert No.
  • Property Drawing
  • Tender Type
    Agricultural Lease
  • Property Type
    Agricultural Lease
  • Classification
  • Fee
    € 50
  • Bid Bond
    € 3,996
  • Minimum Offer
    € 1,332 p.a.
  • Premium
  • Furniture & Fittings
  • Good Will
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