How can I check whether a property I need to report upon is in fact Government-owned?

This is a very relevant question since the Department will still need to carry out research work to ensure Government ownership or otherwise of the propert reported – all this work will be fruitless if it turns out that the property reported upon is not Government-owned. Precious time will ineviatbly be lost that could have been better dedicated to action on other Government-owned property.

Unfortunately the Lands Authority is not in a position to offer en electronic mapping system to check Government ownership of land. For this reason, the best way to check if land is Government-owned or otherwise is by fixing an appointment with the Department and then calling at our offices, show us the land on our maps and then we will tell you if it is Government-owned or otherwise. If you cannot call at our offices, you may call at your Local Council’s office and request a site plan of the property which you may then sent to us together with a letter, so that we may write you back with the information.

If none of the above is possible, because for example you wish to remain anonymous, you provide as much details as possible to enable us to identify the property more quickly. This will be of great assistance to us and we thank you for your effort.

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