How do I obtain a Lands Authority permit for the temporary use of government property?

You need to submit a written application to the Lands Authoritys Estate Management Directorate, Auberge de Baviere, Valletta.

Your application should indicate the period being requested, the use being proposed and the property/site you are interested in. A site plan of a scale of 1:1000 (obtainable from the Malta Environment & Planning Authority) should also be provided.

If the activity being proposed exceeds 28 days in duration a MEPA Permit is usually required and Lands Authority will not consider your request before a copy of this permit is provided. If the duration is for less than 28 days, Lands Authority will evaluate your request in terms of estate management principles including matters relating to existing commitments over the property. In the majority of cases a permit is in fact granted by the Lands Authority.

Permits are issued at a fee that is payable in advance.

You are also advised to consult the Development Notification Order 2001 issued by MEPA to determine whether a Planning Permission is required for the activity you are proposing.

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