How would I know that my property is required by Government for a public purpose?

The Land Acquisition (Public Purposes) Ordinance requires that a President’s Declaration be issued declaring the property to be required for a public purpose. This President’s Declaration is issued following the advice of the Commissioner of Land (Land Direcotrate) and is published in the Government Gazette, in at least two local newspapers (one of which must be a newspaper published in English and the other a newspaper published in Maltese) and on the notice board of the Police station or, as the case may be, of each Police station of the town or village where or within the limits of which the land is situated. Where the owners of a property are known the Declaration would indicate the names of the owners. The President’s Declaration will also refer to a plan that indicates the property. This plan would be viewable on request at the Lands Authority (Land Directorate). If you have doubts as to whether any property you own was ever declared as required for a public purpose then you may call, by prior appointment, at the Lands Authority to check matters. To fix such an appointment please call Customer Care on Telephone Number 22 953 238 / 239
or e-mail at [email protected].

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