I am the operator of a catering establishment/bar. Can I use the pavement in front of my premises to place tables and chairs as an outside café?

The use of government-owned public spaces (including pavements) is also regulated by the Disposal of Government Land Act and therefore requires a permit from the Lands Authority. To make use of the pavement you therefore need to submit an Application for a Tables & Chairs Permit. Obviously this presumes that you are in the possession of a valid operating license from the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA). The relative application form (which is downloadable from this website at Application for a Tables & Chairs Permit), must be forwarded to the MTA at the Auberge d’Italie, Merchants Street, Valletta CMR 02, duly filled in and accompanied with the relevant documentation and listed requirements. The application form shall be vetted by the MTA who shall then forward it to the Estate Management Directorate (EMD) within the Lands Authority. The Lands Authority shall, wherever the application is in line with the Development Notification Order (DNO) issued by the MEPA in 2001, issue at a fee the relative permit to occupy the site. The permit will be subjected to a number of Standard Conditions for Tables & Chairs Permits plus any ad hoc conditions that may be required. The permit issued by the Lands Authority does not exonerate the grantee from obtaining other permits required at law. A copy of the permit issued by the Lands Authority shall be forwarded to MTA and MEPA. Should any of these require the permit to be withdrawn the Lands Authority shall withdraw the permit.

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