I am the tenant of Government residential property. Who is responsible for carrying out repairs?

Questions about repairs in government-owned residential premises should be addressed to the Department of Housing Construction & Maintenance who is responsible for such matters. The Department carries out major structural repairs within the tenements themselves (flats, maisonettes, houses). These include repair/replacement of dangerous roofs, walls and balconies together with repair/replacement of wooden balconies. The Department also carries out general repair in common areas within blocks of Government apartments, including repair/replacement of common drains, apertures in common hallways/stairwells (main doors, roof doors, windows, meter cupboards), and of electrical systems in common hallways/stairwells, external plastering works (block facades, roof parapet walls, stairwell external only) and decoration works (common hallways and stairwells only). All repairs within the tenement proper, other than those of a structural nature or relating to wooden balconies, are the tenant’s responsibility. These include repair/replacement of apertures (doors, windows), floors (tiles, bathrooms) and services (water, electricity), waterproofing works, repair/replacement of tenement drains and tenement decoration works.

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