I have been told that the Government does not own the land, where can I go for further information?

The Malta Land Registry has details of the owners of registered land, however they do not provide details of ownership online. You may be able to obtain further information from them by contacting:

The Land Registry Department,
Head Office
116, Casa Bolino,
West Street,
Valletta, Malta  CMR 02
Tel. 21239777
Fax. 21226374

The Land Registry Department,
Gozo Branch,
Administrative Centre,
St. Francis Street,
Victoria, Gozo
Tel. 21555017
Fax. 21555131

If the land is not registered at the Land Registry, then it is a matter of pure trial and error using such methods as establishing ownership via the cultivators (who may be determined by visiting the cultivators records held by the Governments Ghammieri Experimental Farm within the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change) or via the neighbours who may be of assistance.

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