If I hold non-residential property on temporary emphyteusis, what shall happen at the end of the emphyteusis?

Where premises are occupied by the recognized emphyteuta, the premises will be disposed of through a call for tenders with the same emphyteuta being granted the right of first refusal. The ex-emphyteuta may request payment for any furniture to be left in the property, but a percentage of such payment shall be payable to Government. Where property has been leased to third parties by the emphyteuta then property will be leased to such third parties (as long as these are not lineal descendants or ascendants, or spouses thereof, of the emphyteuta, and as long as the lease originated at least 10 years prior to the expiry of the emphyteusis – see also Question 26). For further details see Clauses 15.1 and 18.1 of the Policy for the Disposal of Non-Residential Premises.

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