My father/mother/parents who enjoyed a lease of a garage/boathouse/store has/have passed away. What do I need to do to have the lease transferred to my name?

You will need to submit an Application for Lease Recognition (Inheritance Procedure) to the Lands Authority. You will also have to provide -:

(i) A copy of the deceased tenant’s will/s;
(ii) A certificate from the Civil Court (First Hall), Malta and Gozo, stating that the deceased tenant had no secret wills;
(iii) A declaration on oath listing the names, addresses and Identity Card Numbers of the deceased tenant’s children;
(iv) Photocopy of the Identity Card of the deceased tenant and those of his children;
(v) Photocopy of the last rent receipt;
Where any children entitled for recognition are not interested in such recognition, a letter from such children stating that they renounce to their right in favour of the indicated brothers/sisters.

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