What can I do if no action was taken on a case of property abuse I had reported?

The Lands Authority is committed to investigate all reports that are submitted.  But it may be the case that:

(i) the details submitted when the case was reported may not have been detailed enough to enable identification of the property; and/or
(ii) property is not Government-owned (i.e. it is privately-owned); and/or
(iii) the reported abuse was not an abuse at all but was covered with the necessary permissions; and/or
(iv) defaulter may have been given some time to regularise him/herself; and/or
(v) case may be somewhat complex meaning that any action by the Department will take longer than usual.

We therefore urge you to allow us sufficient time to investigate a case and take necessary action, when and if applicable.

Should you require any information on action being taken by the Department, then you may phone the Government property Department’s Customer Care Office (Tel.22953904) so that, after due verification, we could provide you with the necessary information.

In the event that you are not satisfied regarding a case you had reported, you may write to The Office of the Director General, Lands Authority, Auberge de Bavière, Valletta VLT 2000.

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