What do I need to do to transfer an agricultural lease to my children?

You will need to submit a written request to the Lands Authority in which you renounce to that part of the land being transferred in favour of your children and also provide a plan indicating clearly the land leased to you and the area being transferred.  In your letter you will need to list the names, addresses and Identity Card Numbers of those children you are transferring the land to.  The letter of renouncement and the plan will need to be signed not only by yourself and your spouse (if you are married), but also by the transferees (your children) as proof of their acceptance of the lease.  For further assistance see specimen letter at Application for the Transfer of An Agricultural Lease. You will also need to provide the Lands Authority with an electronic version of the plan (in Autocad 2000).  In this regard you are advised to seek the services of an architect.

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