What is an ad hoc resolution of the House of Representatives in relation to the disposal of government immovable property?

An ad hoc Resolution of the House of Representatives in relation to the  disposal of government immovable property is one in which Parliament itself approves the allocation of property to a particular entity.

This procedure is adopted in specific circumstances where government feels that such allocation is important to Maltese Society in more ways, other than a monetary return.  This procedure would normally be resorted to when submitting the allocation to the tender process would have a distorting effect on the intended outcome  of the allocation and where a direct allocation is not allowed under the special policy approved by Parliament every three years.

This particular procedure also means that the allocation, including all the conditions of transfer, is subjected to the scrutiny of and debate by members of the House.

A resolution of the House is valid for a period of one year from the date on which it is passed and the Commissioner of Land must therefore finalise the relative transfer agreement within this period of one year, failing which a fresh resolution would be required if government wishes to proceed with the transfer.

Typical recent Resolutions of the House of Representatives regarding the allocation of government property have included the Manoel Island Project, the Cottonera Project, the Cruise Terminal Project, the transfer of a number of sport complexes to sport associations and the transfer of property to charitable or other non-governmental socially-oriented institutions.

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