Dr. Odette Lewis

Dr. Odette Lewis is an architect and civil engineer, who has been practicing her profession since 2003. She provides consultancy services on infrastructure policy, planning and design. Odette is the Director of the company Crowd Net Ltd., which she set up in 2016, operating mainly in the field of civil engineering and mobility. She is also a Lecturer at the Department of Spatial Planning and Infrastructure in the Faculty for the Built Environment, at the University of Malta.

Odette has worked on civil engineering projects within both the public and private sectors. She held the position of a procurement engineer, where she managed contracts on infrastructure projects in Germany and the Netherlands, between 2003 and 2005. She subsequently held various roles within Transport Malta, where she was responsible for the planning, design and project management of various road and maritime infrastructure projects. She has provided expertise on a number of EU funded projects related to sustainable transport and the development and sustainability of cities and territories, in the context of geospatial applications.

Odette holds a PhD from the University of Malta. She is a management committee member of COST Action TU1305 – Social Networks and Travel Behaviour, whereby she focuses her research interests on the application of geospatial technologies for mobility management.

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