The scope of this EOI is the provision of professional services by ‘Periti’ on a “Contracts for Service” basis to conduct valuations as per Article 79 of the Government Lands Act (Chapter 573 of the Laws of Malta).

For this purpose, the Lands Authority is issuing a Call for Expression of Interest for those ‘Periti’ who would be interested in offering the necessary professional services in connection with the above.

‘Periti’, whether they submit their offer as individual economic operators, or through a company shall report to the Chief Executive Officer or his delegated official.
This Call is open to both individual economical operators applying on their own behalf, and to companies providing ‘Periti’ services. For the purpose of this call, company can mean a company limited by liability, professional partnership or a joint venture.

Below you may find more detailed instructions and an application form which needs to be filled in and submitted by an email together with all necessary documentation requested on: [email protected] bearing the reference “Expression of Interest for the Provision of Services by Periti” by Monday 5th November 2018 23:59hrs.

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