Procedure for the Determination of Development Applications for Billboards and Advertisements

1. An applicant must submit with the Planning Authority a development application for a billboard/advertisement which must include:

• the application form;

• full set of drawings including photomontage of billboard as seen from the road;

• site plan; and

• applicable Planning Authority fees.

2. In addition to the above list, where an application is submitted on Government land it requires a submission of a “No objection in Principle” letter and Encroachment Permit from the Lands Authority. An annual Encroachment Permit Fee of €1,500 is applicable.

3. Once the applicant is granted permission from the Planning Authority, an application with Transport Malta is required. The application should include:

• the permit from the Planning Authority;

• the “No objection in Principle” letter and Encroachment Permit from the Lands Authority;

• certification by a qualified engineer;

• duly insured; and

• the respective receipts that all necessary fees have been paid. (Planning Permit & Encroachment Permit)

4. Transport Malta will be the sole Authority responsible to issue the license for Billboards and/or Advertisements. Conformity with the road safety criteria set-out by Transport Malta are to be adhered to prior to the granting of the license.
The annual licence fee payable to Transport Malta shall be that of €1,500.

5. Each permissible Billboard/Advertisement should bear a reference number, in the form of a plate, which shall be:

• Affixed to the structure so as to be easily identifiable; and

• Of such a form that is permanently, clearly and legibly displayed.

6. In case that an applicant has failed to pay the yearly fee due to Transport Malta and if applicable to the Lands Authority, each respective Authority shall notify the Planning Authority and the latter shall have the power to execute all necessary enforcement procedures and the removal thereof.

7. Each billboard which is already in place should regularise its position in accordance with this Procedure Notice. Following, the expiration of a 3 month period from the publication of the aforementioned Procedure Notice, any structure on display which its purpose is to advertise will be served with an Enforcement Notice and subsequently removed. Any necessary fees and expenses should be incurred by the owner of the structure.

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