Thousands of families will be able to become owners of their homes

“Thousands of families will be able to become owners of their homes” – Minister Ian Borg Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and the Property Market Chris Agius announced a new scheme for the redemption of emphyteusis and the purchasing of residential properties which will be affecting around 5,000 families. Minister Borg explained that as of September of this year, those who have temporary emphyteusis or rent with the government will be able to submit an application to become owners of their homes. He explained how this scheme will be giving this opportunity to those Maltese and Gozitan families who live in government property subject to temporary emphyteusis or rent. The scheme is aimed at residents and not at businesses or commercial properties. Minister Borg described this announcement as one that has been desired for years by thousands of families and said that injustices towards those who have temporary Joint Office residential emphyteusis and those who have emphyteuses with the Housing Authority that could already be redeemed will also be addressed. He added that this scheme will have similar conditions to the one of 2012. “Our priority is the quality of life lived by Maltese and Gozitan families. I am satisfied that we can give these families what they deserve as well – that they can become owners of their homes. We are committed to continue bringing wealth and success to the people and to continue witnessing a continuous rise in our country’s standard of living.” Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius said that this scheme will help thousands of families who have been waiting for a number of years to truly become owners of their homes. He said that this is another scheme being issued by the Lands Authority together with the Joint Office to solve requests that have been pending for several years. Photos: MTIP

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