The Lands Authority’s 2019 Annual Report

The Lands Authority is publishing its annual report for 2019. In the words of the Authority’s CEO, Mr James Piscopo, the past year was

characterised by significant growth and improvement. During the year 2019, the Lands Authority improved its overall performance both from an operational aspect as well as from a financial standing. The revenues generated exceed 40million Euros, whilst financial performance was characterised by a turnaround to a positive surplus of Euro 86k in 2019 from a deficit of Euro 766k in the previous period’

Figures at a glance:

  • Registered a positive surplus of €86K in 2019, compared with a deficit of €766k in the previous period.
  • Generated more than €40 million in revenue.
  • 235 Tenders for Disposals published
  • 483 Contracts signed
  • 48 Leases Signed (Disposals)
  • 101  Encroachments for Tables & Chairs and  Billboards
  • 51 Other Encroachments (One time permits etc.)
  • Government Allocation Leases (Government Authorities, Agencies etc.)
  • 35 Government Allocation Agreements (Government Departments and Ministries)
  • 8 Devolutions to Local Councils and 28 Consents to the Local Councils to submit  a Planning Development application
  • 419 Architects’ Valuations completed
  • 3,642 Enforcement calls
  • 33 Compensation Rights contracts signed
  • 25,303 Customer Service contracts
  • 2,294 Online applications received, 75% completed
  • 219 Full time Employees

Click here to read the full report. 

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